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Mixed Drink Recipes Containing Limoncello

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Original Limoncello Cocktails

One of the many wonderful things about limoncello is its versatility. Just as the flavor of lemon improves so many food dishes, the same is true of beverages. Limoncello can be added to a wide variety of drinks to alter and improve their flavor. That is what we’ve done here.

This is the official compendium of all the original drink recipes developed by LimoncelloQuest over the years. Are they all completely new—baring no resemblance to any other drink? No, definitely not. In some cases that’s true, but in many cases I’m riffing on an existing drink to improve it for my palate. Below is the master list and there are some useful breakdowns below. 

Limoncello Drinks By Main Liquor

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a limoncello sort of person. But you probably have other beverage preferences as well. Some folks enjoy the lighter nature of wine-based cocktails while many others prefer heavier and less sweet concoctions with bourbon or gin. Pretty much no matter what you prefer in your limoncello drinks, we’ve got you covered. We’ve divided our recipes into groups by the other main liquor ingredient for your convenience. 

Riffing on Our Limoncello Drink Recipes

If all you wanted was a drink recipe to use tonight, then you probably didn’t read this far. But we have many DIY-type readers who like to make their own limoncello and experiment with flavors like I do. 

If you want to alter our limoncello drink recipes and you stumble onto something amazing, tell me! I’d love to feature your drink in our gallery. We’ll make it, take a beautiful picture of it and of course let you name it. Then I’ll taste it and do a write-up on it that may or may not contain funny jokes.

I’d love to hear about your creations.

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Anne Birch December 10, 2018

Thank’s Ben,

Good to here from you again and look forward to trying some more of the recipes

I make Limoncello now every year and love it.for pressants I make it very sweet but for me (being diabetic) I make it less so. Have you got your original recipe any where as it came small pieces I have to hunt around to find them , I’m not very good on this computer lark


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