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So you want to know more about the benevolent mastermind behind LimoncelloQuest, eh? Well...ok. I'll keep it brief so you can get back to the lemon-y goodness on the rest of this site. 

My name is Ben Perry and back in 2004, my wife and I took a trip to Italy for our honeymoon. We visited Florence, Venice and Rome and we both fell in love with the country. In Florence, we got into an animated and difficult-to-follow conversation with a local coat vendor. When he learned that we were on our honeymoon he burst into a flurry of exclamations in Italian and ushered us over to the nearest cafe where he ordered a round of limoncello shots for all of us. 

Unfortunately I don't remember that guy's name, because he really started something. I had more limoncello in other Italian cities and upon arriving back in the states I set out to make it myself because the commercial varieties here just aren't the same. And so it began...

I've now been making my own limoncello for over a decade and blogging about it for roughly that long as well. Here's my limoncello bio:

Ben is the author, editor, webmaster and autodidact-in-residence at LimoncelloQuest. He blogs intermittently about limoncello and sends emails very sporadically to a global audience of limoncello lovers. He is the self-proclaimed "Gran-pappy of DIY limoncello-making on the internet" and author of a Kindle e-book titled "How to Make Limoncello." He is the president, executive director, founding and sole member of the International Society for the Advancement of Limoncello-making, an organization that meets annually on his back porch. This event draws fans, enthusiasts, dignitaries and onlookers who travel from far-flung regions of his neighborhood to attend. 

You can see my real bio at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/benperry/

And you can contact me here.