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Making Limoncello

Everything you need to get started making your own limoncello!

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Kevin Kray August 30, 2018

Do you have a recipe using 190 proof Everclear that you would recommend? Would you add more simple syrup to bring down the alcohol content (relative to your recipe for using Everclear 151 Proof) to make it smoother? Thanks for your help.


Steven November 15, 2018

hi, I have been making limoncello for probably 15 years now. im at the point where I need to make 6 gallons to satisfy demand. I have always struggled with a good way to filter it before bottling. I currently run it through cheese cloth and nylon bags 4-6 times until it flows pretty quickly. I don’t feel like im getting enough particle out as I still get a decent ‘il collarino’.

coffee filters are much much too slow for me.
im thinking that using a micron bag/filter would be better. do you have any experience using these and what micron measure would be good?


Ben December 9, 2018

Yes, I’d just alter it according to the calculator results.

Craig Harrison December 10, 2018

Homage and thanks to Ben and his Site. I’ve been making Limoncello for a few years now using…Everclear/grain alcohol…vodka…and/or a mix of the two…still looking for the perfect ‘blend’ (my wife doesn’t like the pure grain alcohol. ‘too harsh’)
I’ve also tried…honey…agave nectar…and simple syrup. Always come back to a sugar syrup…it ends up with a ‘cleaner clear yellow’ prettier Limoncello. One side experiment has been the use of the lemon juice replacing the ‘water’ with sugar in the syrup…makes for an interesting taste. Gonna try a half water/half lemon juice this year. I use my own Eureka Lemons, so just wash and go…with the microplane for zesting of course. And I make it in 5 Litre lock top jar/per batch…the number of lemons per batch and the number of batches per year…depend on the productivity of the lemon tree each year.



Sarah April 15, 2020

I’m brand new to limoncello. Know nothing about it and haven’t had any. But I have a lemon tree with 75 ripe lemons lol. So here I am.

I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find out why you can’t make the simple syrup and combine it with the lemon zest and vodka in one step, then let it sit. You’re probably gasping at the question, but I have to ask. Thank you!

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