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Sogno di Sorrento Limoncello Review

Sogno di Sorrento has a cloudy yellow color with a green tinge. Makes me wonder if there isn’t some lime in there or maybe they use unripe lemons (which I hear is a good thing). It contains 30% alcohol, the same as Danny DeVito’s limoncello, which I think is a nice target. You can smell the sugar and lemon right away.

The packaging is a very tall bottle that is hard to fit in the freezer but it has a nice pour spout and nicely designed plastic cap that works well and is easy to remove. Unlike DeVito, the alcohol is the first flavor I notice. It starts hot and ends hot with an alcohol kick that lingers on the finish for quite a while. In a blind test I’d guess the alcohol content is much higher than it is. It has a somewhat heavy, syrupy mouthfeel to it but no real off flavors to speak of. It’s ok, just not particularly well-balanced.

The bottle has a disclaimer that says “the presence of oil residue on the surface is your assurance of the products natural and genuine qualities. Shake and enjoy. Serve chilled.” Another very minor complaint is that it will be hard to reuse the bottle because of the spout. It’s a nicely packaged limoncello that will be too hot (alcohol flavored) for most palates.

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