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Pallini Limoncello Review

The bottle is elegant and I when I occasionally drink this I keep them and refill the bottles for my own batches. The color has a tinge of green but overall it’s a milky white and it’s the only commercial brand I’ve tested that looks milky white straight from the freezer.

The aroma smells like chemicals, sort of like Elmer’s glue. The flavor is decidedly gentle, both compared to other commercial brands and to my own batches. This is no doubt at least partially due to the fact that it’s the weakest of the brands I reviewed at 26% alcohol (52 proof). The lemon flavor is fairly subtle compared to most, the character of the sugar is just as prominent.

Some of the chemicals also make it to the flavor and remind me of a hospital for some reason. I wouldn’t call this great limoncello but it has a much more easily likable flavor than most.

Pallini Limoncello Review Graph

Pallini Limoncello Review Graph

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Steve July 16, 2013

your obviously wrong this limoncello was amazing,i found it to be at 32% alcohol so try harder I’m Italian i know my limoncello

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