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Fabrizia Limoncello Review

Fabrizia-bottlesFabrizia is another of the artisanal limoncello producers, which means that it is one of the highest quality limoncellos you can buy. It comes in a tall, attractively frosted bottle with an elegant label. Sometimes the frosted bottle makes the color of the product look more attractive than it is, but interestingly, this limoncello has roughly the same look in the bottle as out. The color is a somewhat milky and pale yellow, which is what I shoot for because it just looks nice in a glass.

Fabrizia has a lively lemon aroma with hints of the grain alcohol, which would seem to indicate a higher alcohol content. That’s not the case though, it’s 27% ABV and the alcohol isn’t over-represented in the flavor. It’s actually a finely balanced limoncello. No single characteristic is dominant, just an even procession of flavors on the palate. I first taste the fruit, then the sweetness and the long finish is all zest and alcohol, like taking a long whiff of an infusion in progress.

This limoncello has a medium-weight mouthfeel and no off flavors that I can detect. There is a slight tartness to the finish that I don’t get from my own batches and I think it’s an interesting little addition, I’ll have to figure that one out. Overall, this is a high-quality product and if you find it on a shelf near you, it’s worth a try. It’s mostly available on the east coast, and you can use their site to find a bottle of Fabrizia.


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