Limoncello Alcohol Content Calculator: Find the Perfect Balance

Limoncello Alcohol Proof/Percentage Calculator

I get a lot of questions about how to dilute limoncello to a certain proof, or alcohol percentage. So I created this calculator to help you reach the proper strength. This is actually at least the third iteration of this calculator that I have published over the years.

The top portion of the calculator labels say ML but it works the same regardless of the measurement used. So if you enter your quantities in liters, the answer will be in liters as well. This calculator is useful for dilution of any homemade liqueur, not just limoncello.

For the bottom portion, the ML does matter because of the Brix/sweetness calculation. This new version also has limiters in it, so if you’re trying to do something impossible it stops you.

[…] The next step is to make a simple syrup (sugar water). Most cocktail simple syrups are usually 1 part sugar and 1 part water. The sweetness of simple syrup and the amount added can greatly impact the end result. For this project I used a 2:1 ratio for my simple syrup. I used 3.5 cups sugar and 7 cups water. After cooling this yielded about 2 liters of simple syrup, which I mixed with 700ml of filtered extract (I lost about 50ml in the Brita filters, coffee filters, and random drips and spills). I was aiming to make about five 500ml bottles of 60-70 proof final product. Also, I used this Limoncello Calculator. […]

[…] to geek out and make sure you get your limoncello in that 26-32% range for alcohol content, then website LimoncelloQuest can help. The site provides a calculator that quickly figures out how much simple syrup to add to your […]

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