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Rometti Limoncello Review

rometti-limoncelloThis is another artisanal limoncello, which so far I’ve much preferred to the more mass-market brands. This one is no exception. It comes in a very nice-looking bottle, a complement to any liquor cabinet. It has a translucent straw color, more clear in appearance than many limoncellos. I get a fair number of questions about whether limoncello ought to be more clear or more opaque. I’ve tasted excellent examples of both, it makes no difference as far as I can tell.

This is a very clean, crisp limoncello with a strong aroma of lemon and grain alcohol. It seems to have high quality ingredients and I detect no off flavors. It’s different from other artisanal limoncellos I’ve tasted in that the sweetness is very muted. The heat of the alcohol is a dominant element, though it’s warming rather than the rough bite of some other commercial brands.

The overall character isn’t that different from my own homemade limoncello. The limoncello I make at home is sweeter than this but the heat of the alcohol and clean flavor are very similar. I prefer more heat than average in my limoncello. If you are wary of overly sweet liqueurs, this may be your limoncello. It strikes a nice balance of being minimally sweet without being harsh.



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