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Luxardo Limoncello Review

When you open the top of this bottle it looks like you need to break a hard plastic cap. You don’t, it’s actually a very handy pour spout that makes pouring very smooth. A nice touch. The color is a golden yellow, the darkest yellow of the commercial brands I’ve tested.

The aroma is very close to what my own batches smell like, alcohol and lemon oils. The flavor has a potent lemon kick and it has a heavy mouth feel relative to other brands. The alcohol content is on the low end at 27% (54 proof).

There are several off flavors and overall this probably has the most complex flavor of the commercial brands. There is a nice even heat on the finish. Overall not a bad limoncello but you can only have a shot of it, it’s the cheesecake of limoncellos in terms of richness of flavor.

Luxardo Limoncello Review Graph

Luxardo Limoncello Review Graph

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Wendy August 15, 2019

I bought this after first having a bottle of Limoncello I brought home from Sorrento and then having a bottle by Rosso. I would not buy this one again. It tasted like a lemon candy in an overwhelming way. It was very sweet and didn’t have the refined flavours of the one from Sorrento from Il Giardini Di Cataldo which was sublime. The Rosso was second best.

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