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Steve January 6, 2011

I read another recipe that says to filter off the lemon rind before adding the simple syrup. Comments?

Ben January 7, 2011

I think doing it that way is about the same in terms of effectiveness.

debi April 19, 2011

may i ask how many lemons?

Ben August 3, 2012

17 usually for a full batch

KIM HUNKLER July 7, 2018

I came across a Limoncello recipe where they soaked the alcohol and the zest for 20 to 40 days, then added the Simple Syrup and let sit an additional 20 to 40 days, THEN they strained it.
Is there a reason you strain out the zest in the middle, rather than leaving it in the entire process? I would think it would even strain easier?
I just finished my first 90 day batch using your recipe. It’s fantastic. Thanks.

gina July 16, 2018

I’ve been making limoncello for years, and your website and book have been a great help. Last year, I used sub-par corks and when I brought out the bottles a year later, some of them leaked when turned upside down. These bottles also lost the cloudiness, and are now clear. Has the alcohol evaporated? There seems to be less liquid in the bottles 🙁

Ben July 17, 2018

The clarity comes from just sitting there on the shelf for a long time and when frozen it will appear cloudy again. The evaporation will change the character of it, but just taste it and see if you still think it’s viable.

Michael Tzori August 21, 2018

I wanted to make some pompelmocello (grapefruit) and while searching the web I found your site.
I highly appreciate the scientific approach and the calculators are great.
I made small batches with different sweetness level and held a tasting event to decide on the preferred on (level 3 is the winner). The pompelmocello is a great hit !

One thing that can be a great addition is a calculation of the overall volume of the finished product.

Thanks for the great work.

Drink responsibly !

Shaw November 16, 2018

Thank you for all you do!!! We have made a large batch of lemoncello each Christmas and named it after our kids. We are on our fourth kid 🙂 So this is our fourth batch. We have been using your recipe since 2010! I am starting a batch tomorrow and maybe I’m just missing something. I am using everclear and using your online calculator. I am doing 5250ml of everclear, Going for 30% ABV, and im coming up with 11,375ml of simple syrup needed. For a total of 16,625ml of total Lemoncello yield. Does that seem about right? I feel like it seems off. Will zest about 70 lemons. Any clarification is so so so welcome! Thanks so much for the great detailed guidance over the years! Shaw

Eric January 29, 2019

Thank you so very much for your excellent reviews of limoncellos. Your knowledge helped me greatly and guided me away from many decisions I would have regretted.

Steve Crain March 18, 2019

I made a batch using the formula below and it is great!!! In Arizona I am fortunate to have access to 190 proof Everclear. I have a question regarding the math I followed below. It looks to me like my alcohol content of the finished product should be 47.5% since I am ‘cutting’ the Everclear with an equal amount of water. Am I missing something in my thinking?
SteveC in Az

Limoncello Alcohol Percentage Calculator

Enter Quantity of Liquor (mL) 1750
Enter Alcohol as % of Liquor (Proof divided by 2) 95
Enter Desired Alcohol % of Final Product 35
Desired Sweetness (1 Very Low, 5 Very High) 3
Total water (mL) 1755
Total Sugar (g) 1044

Alan Podel November 4, 2019

I’m looking to buy Petrone Lemoncello in a cello shaped bottle! Please contact me with ant info!

Chip Baslock June 11, 2020

We can only get Everclear in the 120 proof now in California for my Limoncello. 151 is now illegal. I am having trouble finding the correct mixture of sugar and water for the simple sugar using the new 120 proof 750ml. Trying for about 35%-38%. Can you help please?

Tina November 16, 2020

Besides baked goods and juices, what can you do with the leftover fruit? Also, any recipes for the removed rinds, once they are removed?

Dan G. November 26, 2020

I have been loving sifting through the site, but I haven’t seen a recipe for crema di limencello. Do you have one you could share/post or perhaps a recommendation of someone else’s recipe you have used in the past?

Thanks for all the work you have put into this site. Cheers!

Roland January 10, 2021

Fantastic Job and useful calculator
Is it possible you mail me the formules so I can make it in Excel in my offline computer in the kitchen
Thanks in advance


Peter February 10, 2021

Hey – have you ever tried doubling the recipe for the limoncello? I was hoping to make more at once and have large enough jars for the purpose, but am worried about screwing it up as it’s my first time!

Ben February 15, 2021

Oh for sure! It’s as easy as multiplying everything times two.

John Gallagher February 19, 2021

Hi! Love the site, and use it all the time, however, I think the alcohol content calculator might be down. Tried on both Chrome and Edge, as well as mobile on Android, and nothing is loading. Thank you!

PAUL B LARSEN February 20, 2021

Hi, I recently found your website and was thrilled. I made limoncello once before, and it turned out ok, but since then, I lost the recipe. I was glad to find your site, which is very throrough. I started a batch in Dec, and now I need to finish it, but I have been unable to see the alcohol percentage calculator on your website. I’ve found links to it on several other websites, but nothing seems to work. I remember seeing it when I started this batch, but alas, I cannot see the calculator now. Can you help?

Krista May 5, 2021

Hi there!

I love your limoncello recipe! Last year we made two batches for our small wedding and gave it to our guests as a favor! Everyone loved it!

I’m currently in the “rest” stage of our third batch and noticed that there seems to be a bit of what looks like mold or something that is resting just above the lemon rinds. Have you ever noticed this? Is the batch bad? This didn’t happen last time. It has been resting for approximately 2 months.

Thank you so much!

Jeroen May 27, 2021

Last year I made some Limoncello based on you alcohol and sweetness calculator.
It seems the calculator has been updated.

In the past the sweetness was based on sweet high-low.
The last batch I made was based on th lowest mixture of sugar and water.
I can’t find this old calculator anymore.
Is it still available?
What is the equivalent on the new calculator?

Best regards, Jeroen Weijtens Belgium


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Michael Tzori November 28, 2021

Hello Ben,
Thanks for all the great work you are doing.
I’ve been following your website for the last few years and made a few batches (mostly Pompelmocello) which got great compliments.
I have a question regrading the calculator:
My understanding is that Brix is the amount of sugar (in grams) per 100 ml of solution. When using the calculator I get quantities that seem to violate the definition. For example, I entered the following:
* Liquor Quantity: 500 ml
* Final Desired Alcohol %: 30
* Liquor Alcohol %: 60
* Brix %: 30
The calculator suggest 401 gram sugar for a final quantity of 1000 ml.

I’ll appreciate if you could explain me where I’m going wrong.

Best regards,

R.V. Ehrmantraut April 8, 2022

The last time I used your alcohol calculater it didn’t have a Brix sweetness scale (whatever that is) I believe I picked medium sweetness. In your recipe what was the Brix number?

Ben April 12, 2022

The default values should reflect my recipe

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