End of Summer Drink Pic

Limoncello drink

To close out the summer we took a Labor Day weekend trip to Newport, RI. I highly recommend it if you're in the neighborhood. We ate at The Mooring restaurant right on the harbor, where the meal was delicious and the drinks were lovely (that's my 3-year-old daughter coloring in the background). I'd recommend the restaurant but not this particular drink, as it tasted much more like tonic water than limoncello. The limoncello was barely detectable. The trip was fantastic though and we visited First Beach late in the afternoon which meant vast expanses of sand near the cliffs. A perfect beach weekend. Continue Reading

My Tour of Fabrizia Limoncello

Grain alcohol in bulk

I was invited to tour the production facility of Fabrizia Limoncello recently, and I'd like to share the story in addition to the review. Reviewing Fabrizia actually prompted me to post an update to my commercial limoncello review page because there are a small number of very good commercial brands out there if you know where to look. As it turns out, the facility is only about a 30 minute drive from my house. I had no idea that commercial limoncello was produced in my area. I learned a lot, had a lot of fun and took a few pics for all you fellow limoncello lovers. The owner of Fabrizia, Phil, and his operations manager Mike gave me a tour of the facility. That's Phil in his office: The Continue Reading

Can Limoncello Go Bad?

Remnants of Batch #4

One question that I often get from readers over email is "can limoncello go bad?" Quite accidentally, I am now able to give a pretty solid answer to that question. Within the past year I moved to a new house and I happened to belatedly unpack a box recently, finding a partial bottle of one of my old batches. As you can see in the photos, it is from batch #4, a batch that I reviewed on the site so I know it's about five and a half years old. It hasn't been well cared for either, it was sitting in my basement at both houses. So I said what the heck, I'll take this opportunity to see if this stuff holds up. The verdict? It holds up very well! My main problem with this batch was a roughness Continue Reading

Limoncello Martinis from New Hampshire


We took a trip up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire this past weekend and in the waning days of summer I took the opportunity to try a couple of martinis, both of which contained limoncello of course! The first one is from the Gypsy Cafe in Lincoln, NH. If you're ever in the White Mountains and looking for a spot to eat, this joint is not to be missed. There really aren't that many first-class places to eat up there but the Gypsy could stand its ground even if it were located in Boston. The food is really excellent. The drinks aren't bad either and this one was a treat. I don't have the exact proportions, but here is the ingredient list: Absolut Citron Limoncello Crema di Limoncello Continue Reading

Amazing Wedding Favors

Image courtesy of Steph Stevens Photo

Readers David and Kelly crafted a herculean batch of limoncello to provide as favors to guests at their wedding. They were kind enough to send along some pictures and allow me to publish them, which is fantastic because I couldn't adequately describe the beauty of the end result. Check this out: Continue Reading

Better and More Beautiful Filtration

Cold Coffee Press

I just had to share this pic. It's from reader and fellow quester Mark from California. He found it easier and more effective to use a cold coffee brewer to filter his limoncello. I must say, this puts my filtration equipment to shame. It looks like it not only works better and with less effort, but it looks fantastic! Continue Reading

Florida Ponderosa Lemons

Ponderosa Lemon

My family took our annual trip down to Florida last month and my father-in-law had some new citrus fruits growing in his yard. I had to document these with a couple pics because they are the biggest, thickest-skinned lemons I have ever seen! They are called Ponderosa lemons and apparently they grow very well in Florida. We bought a couple bottles of 151 Everclear down there and I made a batch out of these and another from some oranges in the back yard. I left them to infuse until we return next year, should be a great experiment. Here are the pics: Continue Reading

Make Limoncello as a Christmas Gift…there’s still time!

There's a lot going on in limoncello land! First, check out the redesigned website. It's better looking and over twice as fast as the old one. Merry Christmas! There's still time to make limoncello as a Christmas gift if you so desire. It won't be the same as the kind that infuses for 3 months, I know, but a reasonable batch can be made with 7 days of infusion time (maybe even less). Sign up for my email list to the right or below and get my free report on making limoncello as a gift. I added two new commercial limoncello reviews just in time for the holidays and one of them was pretty tasty. I reviewed Ventura Limoncello and Sogno di Sorrento Limoncello. Lastly, if you want the Continue Reading

Picture of Giada’s Limoncello


Fellow "quester" Stephen sent me a picture of two bottles of limoncello that he made. One was made with my standard recipe, the other with Giada's recipe. It makes a point that I totally forgot to make in my review. The lack of filtration in the Giada recipe will make for scummy-looking limoncello. You can see the film developing on the top of the Giada limoncello below (Giada's is on the right). It looks like a piece of lemon peel in the bottle but it's actually a ring of gunk that results from insufficient filtration. In that respect, it's actually a poor recipe for gift-giving. I definitely should have mentioned that. However, you could use the same recipe and filter it via my Continue Reading