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Make Limoncello as a Christmas Gift…there’s still time!


There’s still time to make limoncello as a Christmas gift if you so desire. It won’t be the same as the kind that infuses for 3 months, I know, but a reasonable batch can be made with 7 days of infusion time (maybe even less). Sign up for my email list to the right or below and get my free report on making limoncello as a gift.

I added two new commercial limoncello reviews just in time for the holidays and one of them was pretty tasty. I reviewed Ventura Limoncello and Sogno di Sorrento Limoncello.

Lastly, if you want the full scoop on all I’ve learned over the years I just finished my e-book How to Make Limoncello: The Complete Guide.

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Chad gundlach November 24, 2019

Looking to do some for xmas

Angel Wei December 24, 2020

This is a great idea tho! Loved it

TARLTON901 January 3, 2021

Thank you!!1

Brenda July 17, 2021

Is there any way to make limoncello using lemon juice instead of zest? I followed your recipe for my first ever attempt at limoncello and got rave review but am almost out and my wonderful lemon tree won’t have its next crop until January. I still have saved juice though and am wondering if I can transform it into limoncello.

Art Bryan July 6, 2022

Please sign me up for your email list and report on making limoncello for gifts.

Art Bryan July 11, 2022

Please send your report on making Limoncello for a gift. Just purchased your book from Amazon Very informative

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