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Make Limoncello as a Christmas Gift…there’s still time!


There’s a lot going on in limoncello land! First, check out the redesigned website. It’s better looking and over twice as fast as the old one. Merry Christmas!

There’s still time to make limoncello as a Christmas gift if you so desire. It won’t be the same as the kind that infuses for 3 months, I know, but a reasonable batch can be made with 7 days of infusion time (maybe even less). Sign up for my email list to the right or below and get my free report on making limoncello as a gift.

I added two new commercial limoncello reviews just in time for the holidays and one of them was pretty tasty. I reviewed Ventura Limoncello and Sogno di Sorrento Limoncello.

Lastly, if you want the full scoop on all I’ve learned over the years I just finished my e-book How to Make Limoncello: The Complete Guide.

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Chad gundlach November 24, 2019

Looking to do some for xmas

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