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Commercial Limoncello Reviews


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Akmed December 7, 2008

Thanks for this. is now in my feed reader, I’ll keep and eye out for your next story. I like the layout of your site, nice and clean and easy to read. Thakns.

Jenny R. December 8, 2008

I was reading over your site and like what I saw. I just wanted to say keep up the good work.

Dagny December 11, 2008

What about Danny Devito Limoncello?

Ben December 11, 2008

I have never seen Danny DeVito Limoncello at any liquor stores in my area. If I do, I’ll certainly buy some and review it as I hear it’s very good for commercial limoncello.

Missy December 29, 2008

That’s funny – I was looking up cocktail recipes to use some of my homemade limoncello and stumbled on this site – and it turns out you commented on my blog last week! Anyway, enjoy the site.

SL December 30, 2008

I bought the Danny Devito just yesterday, it’s my second time I’ve tasted Limoncello so I cannot compare it to many others. I don’t know which brand I tasted the first time, it may have been homemade. But my 2cents, I found DV on the harsh side, syrupy, missing the zest and tang that I enjoyed with my first taste of limoncello. Homemade may be your best way to go, the recipe seems easy enough to make.

SL January 5, 2009

Revise to Danny Devito Limoncello. I am revising my review. When I first bought it, I did not sufficiently chill it hence my not so good review of the product. But after chilling the bottle in the freezer, the flavor is much better; zesty, pleasant, not as harsh and refreshing, with just the right amount of heat. Overall, a good product in my opionion.

clare carver January 14, 2009

Hi Ben thanks for posting on y site – I’d love to chat more with you re: limoncello – I think the alc one uses in the limoncello is VERY important – we use eau de vie and man it’s good

dudeguy February 2, 2009

It’s ok to have a comment.

mudguy February 2, 2009

Great site. Have you ever try to figure out how much water and sugar to add to get to a certian proof and sweetness in the final product? seems like this would be the way to compare batches.

If I’ve figured this out correctly, your batch 6 was 65.65 proof, while batch 7 was 43.48 proof and batch 13 is 60.89 proof

(final proof = (ABV*V1 + ABV*V2)/(V1+V2)

ABV= Alcohol By Volume — so the ABV of 151 everclear is .755

And the sweetness is a ratio of the amount of sugar to the amount of liquid (Vsugar/Vliquid), so in your batch 6 the sweetness ratio is .278, batch 7 is .243 while batch 13 is .20

I’m in the process of making 3 batches (B1=191 everclear and 100 proof vodka, B2=100 proof vodka and B3=80 proof vodka) and am going for a final product of 60 proof limoncello and a sweetness of .25

the only problem is it will be a while before I can sample them 🙁

(to compute amount of water to add to a batch to get a certian proof, use the formula

Vwater = (ABVliquor*Vliquor – ABVfinal*Vliquor)/AVBfinal

I just put it into a spreadsheet

Food (or should I say ‘liquid’) for thought


Ben February 3, 2009

Good stuff Paul. I have done this calculation on batches before but I don’t do it every time. Probably should.

Scars May 19, 2009

What about Limoncello di Capri?

Lana August 24, 2009

Caravello is terrible.

It tastes like rubbing alcohol with lemon.

I dreamed of tasting lemoncello for a long time before I tried it. The only brand available to me was Caravello is boy was that a mistake.

I am going to try anouther brand and make my own.

Matt December 12, 2009

Awesome site! Just made a batch using 750ml of Everclear (190 proof), need to know the best sugar to water ratio to make my syrup. Thanks for the help.

Pizu March 19, 2010


Can I user (Isopropyl alcohol) IPA as alcohol to do limoncello?



Ben March 20, 2010

NO, that type of alcohol is NOT for drinking. It can kill you. Use vodka or grain alcohol.

Brian April 3, 2010

Good site. I had been looking for a limoncello for a few weeks through local liquor agencies in the area. Being in Ohio this is quite a chore. I had finally found one which carries three brands: caravella, Danny DaVito, and another which doesn’t come to mind. Without any info at hand (and simply remembering the good times I had with limoncello living in Italy), I bought the caravello and completely dismissed the DeVito. I’ll have to try it now, although my wife and I did quite enjoy the caravella and plan on trying it’s orangecello cousin.

We felt the caravella brand had a good kick and a nice, smooth, mellow lemon flavor that reminded me of a low sugar sorbet. But like with all mass produced liquors, one can always get a bad batch.

donna July 26, 2010

hello! i’m a little slow in posting. i want to say thank you for your very informative site. i’ve used it extensively for my first 3 batches of limoncello. the first one, i became impatient and managed only to let it rest 20 days (15 lemons and 160 proof vodka). nonetheless, it was better by far than any commercial limoncello i’ve ever had. batches 2 & 3 were made with everclear and lemons from a different vendor and are resting now. they look promising! prior to gaining confidence to make my own (thanks to you), i purchased toschi brand limoncello which i found that quite yummy. i’ve tried others, but always wound up back with toschi. i’d be curious as to how you find that brand in comparison with the others. thanks again for such an informative site!

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