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Limoncello Martinis from New Hampshire


We took a trip up to the White Mountains in New Hampshire this past weekend and in the waning days of summer I took the opportunity to try a couple of martinis, both of which contained limoncello of course!

The first one is from the Gypsy Cafe in Lincoln, NH. If you’re ever in the White Mountains and looking for a spot to eat, this joint is not to be missed. There really aren’t that many first-class places to eat up there but the Gypsy could stand its ground even if it were located in Boston. The food is really excellent. The drinks aren’t bad either and this one was a treat. I don’t have the exact proportions, but here is the ingredient list:
Absolut Citron
Crema di Limoncello
Muddled lemons


This next one is a Black Raspberry Martini from Foster’s Boiler Room restaurant in Plymouth, NH. The food here is also very good and the ambiance of the old boiler room turned sports bar/restaurant is worth checking out if you’re in town or staying at the Common Man Inn there. I don’t have the ingredients of this drink but it was every bit as good as it looks and black raspberry puree figured prominently into it.


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