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Batch #6 Results


#6 meant to be my best to date, liquor filtered 6x and rested with zest for 90 days. Back to usual sugar concentration. Good light color and smell. Nice lemony flavor, more so than batch #4 and though it’s quite a bit sweeter it’s still relatively balanced. Picks are that it’s still a little syrupy sweet and there are off flavors probably associated with the non-organic lemons used.

Liquor: Two 750ml bottles of Everclear 151

Liquor filtration: 6x

Lemons: 17 Non-organic, waxed and scrubbed

Days peels and liquor rested: 90

Simple Syrup – Cups Sugar: 4, Cups Water: 5

Days syrup rested with infusion: 30

Final filtration: 4x

Limoncello Graph for Batch #6

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Ruralgurl April 2, 2008

Fascinating! Obviously, I did not use correct protocol when trying my hand at this noble pursuit…. While my lemons were microplane sueded, I did not filter the vodka, or know to avoid it. Still, considering how thoroughly delectable my results were, I’m rather encouraged to make another batch.

Had I tasted my first sip of nectar in Italy, I may have take more care upon recreation. Instead it was enjoyed during a balmy evening in Florida, listening to the Sandhill Cranes as they winged their way across the dimming sky. The dinner had been an Italian feast; we were loathe to clean up and the six of us wanted to prolong our evening until the stars were bright in the night. Ah, the limoncello! It was sweet and smooth like lemon satin washing over us. We lingered too long, sipped too much and the dishes waited until morning. I guess you always remember your first limoncello.

rupiezucki April 24, 2008

I do not have access to Everclear 151. I can, with difficulty, get Everclear 191. I also can get 100 proof Smirnoff, and have a good source of cheap regular Absolut.

Could I use a combination of 191 and regular? It would work out cheaper than 2 bottles of 100 proof, but what would my results be like? If my calculations are right, and I use your amounts of water and sugar, I believe my results would be 67 proof for finished 191/regular mix, and 50 proof if I go with 100 proof. The stuff in the stores seems to come in about 56 proof, but I am more interested in flavour than knocking myself on my tail.

Please enlighten me, Oh exalted Limoncello master!

Ben April 27, 2008

Thanks for the exaltation, but I’m just a guy with a blog. 🙂

I get about 79 proof and 60 proof doing those calculations but I could easily be wrong. I rarely bother to calculate the proof of my finished product. I taste test them and I know what went into them so I just treat the heavier ones with more respect. I agree though, it’s all about flavor because a relatively small amount of Limoncello can put a buzz on most folks.

In your case I would at least try to get my hands on some of that grain alcohol to try it out. Get a couple bottles so you can try it both ways and get a feel for the difference. I think my favorite would probably be a bottle of 191 mixed with a bottle of 100 proof vodka. 191 by itself will be pretty harsh no matter what else you do; I don’t think anything but resting time can really take the edge off of it. Using 100 proof alone produces the smoothest product and most people will like it but it lacks the authentic heat and you’ll have to fiddle with the simple syrup so it isn’t overly sweet.

Smirnoff filtered 4 or 5 times with a Brita filter is probably just as smooth as Absolut so I wouldn’t normally use Absolut. However, if you can get Absolut cheaply enough you could probably save money on the Brita filters and time on the filtration. If you do try the 191, don’t forget to filter that stuff or you’ll likely regret it. I’d run it through a Brita filter at least 6 times. Grain alcohol isn’t a sipping drink so I don’t think the manufacturers pay much attention to filtration during production. Thanks for the question and let me know how it goes!

Treehouse Chef February 5, 2009

Wow! You are a limoncello guru! Very cool blog. I especially like the pineapple limoncello idea. I will have to think about this one. Thanks for visiting my blog! I will be back.

ttrombetta February 16, 2009

Great site. I check it periodically. A few thoughts I wanted to share with all you CELLO makers. I have made Limoncello and Arancello and find that Limoncello is harder due to the pith. Arancello doesn’t have as much so you can be a little less carefull when peeling or zesting. I often peel half and zest the other using only organic and arounf 15 pieces of fruit for each 1.75m of 190 grain. I only need to let the peels/zest soak for 10-14 days based on the strength of the alcohol. The peel is hard and white, nothing left. I would try using more water to your mixture. I use four to five cups of sugar and 12 cups of water. I don’t like the sugar on my teeth when I take a drink.

Asaf September 21, 2014

Oh Goodness! I could eat these right out of the bowl without firzeeng!! And your geen plate is simply lovely!!! Thank you for you recipes, as always 🙂

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