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Picture of Giada’s Limoncello


Fellow “quester” Stephen sent me a picture of two bottles of limoncello that he made. One was made with my standard recipe, the other with Giada’s recipe. It makes a point that I totally forgot to make in my review. The lack of filtration in the Giada recipe will make for scummy-looking limoncello. You can see the film developing on the top of the Giada limoncello below (Giada’s is on the right). It looks like a piece of lemon peel in the bottle but it’s actually a ring of gunk that results from insufficient filtration.

In that respect, it’s actually a poor recipe for gift-giving. I definitely should have mentioned that. However, you could use the same recipe and filter it via my method. That would give you a gift quality limoncello that won’t embarrass you.

Giada's Limoncello vs. LimoncelloQuest Recipe

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Steve November 22, 2010

Hi Ben,

I have a question: why filter if you’re using neutral grain alcohol? To the best of my knowledge, Everclear is clear distilled grain alcohol diluted to either 75 or 80 % alcohol, and diluted with deionized water. I understand multiple filtrations of cheaper vodkas.

Also, wouldn’t it be easier to dilute the initial grain alcohol with deionized water to achieve the correct alcohol percentage by volume, rather than playing with the simple syrup as the dilution agent?

Ben November 24, 2010

Hi Steve, my assumption has always been that they put something in the alcohol that isn’t well filtered. I’m not 100% sure why it’s the case, but the filtered grain alcohol was definitely smoother than the unfiltered. That’s one of the most night-and-day findings from any of my experiments. Give it a try for yourself and see.

If you diluted the alcohol with water before putting the sugar in, how would you get the sugar in there? You have to boil it, which would allow some of your alcohol to evaporate, throwing off your dilution.

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