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Limoncello with Lime Zest – Batch #11 Results


I’ve heard that the secret to great limoncello is to add the zest of one lime to the lemon zest before infusion. So I gave this a try to see if it adds anything. The result had a nice milky white color out of the freezer, I don’t usually get that effect but I doubt it had to do with the lime. It may be the temperature of the freezer.

The lime did exert a flavor in the finished product, it’s pretty subtle but definitely a mild lime zest flavor (not to be confused with an actual lime flavor). It has a few other off flavors, possibly because the lime wasn’t organic, and it’s a little tiny bit harsh. The lime zest adds a certain something but I don’t think it’s a real improvement so I’m declaring that adding the zest of one lime isn’t the secret to great limoncello. Here’s the breakdown:

Liquor: One bottle of 151 Proof Everclear

Liquor filtration: 5x

Lemons: 12 scrubbed Organic lemons plus the zest of one lime

Days peels and liquor rested: 56

Simple Syrup – Cups Sugar: 1.75, Cups Water: 2.5

Final filtration: 4x

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Eugene October 29, 2008

Now everyone is talking about the American economy and eclections, nice to read something different. Eugene


Great content! Keep up the good work!

katy November 20, 2008

I am just starting a new batch myself and I was curious about the lime suggestion, so I tried it w/one lime. Well see how it turns out. One thing I think seems to help with getting the wax & chemicals off the fruit is to use some vegetable wash-I think it’s called environne?

A suggestion for you to experiment with next would be to use meyer lemons. (preferably organic). Meyer lemon season is just starting, so you should be able to find them at whole foods, new seasons, organic food market-type places soon, if not already. or if you have some friends in the CA bay area or LA area, you maybe could convince them to ship you some. There’s plenty of trees around in neighborhood gardens and half the time no one harvests them. When in CA I’ve taken to ringing doorbells and asking the homeowners if I can pick a few lemons out of their yards. Then again, I have a meyer lemon problem, so it might not be for everyone….

Ben November 21, 2008

That’s a great suggestion and it’s on my plan to try. I’ve heard from a variety of sources that Meyer lemons make better Limoncello. I’ve only seen them once at a Whole Foods store (I’m in MA) but I’ll start looking again if they are in season.

Emily November 22, 2008

I just started a new batch 2 days ago, and I’m thinking about tossing some pineapple in after reading one of your other posts. I use one lime, one orange, and 30 lemons. I find that the orange especially helps round out the harsher lemon flavors.

When I wash my fruit, I put them all in the sink and fill it with hot soapy water (I use Dr. Bronner’s castile soap). I really scrub the skins, and then dry them with a rough towel.

I’ve used meyer lemons before. It came out a little insipid, much less lemony than usual, probably becaues the meyers are thin-skinned and contain less oil than the usual lemons I use.

jimbo April 9, 2010

I’m making my first batch and trying to wrap my head around everyones ideas…but when i did filter mine I just used a big stainless steel fine mesh collander… then 3 layers of a good paper towel.. ran it through the towels while they were in the collander to hold them and changed them about 3 different times during the pour…. it came out crystal clear….. so now added the syrup and the wait is on…

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