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Holiday Gift Guide for Limoncello Lovers


There are a few tools I wish I had bought sooner in my Limoncello-making career that would have made life easier. There are also some items that I think enhance the experience or are just plain cool. I thought I'd round those up into a holiday gift guide for all you fellow lovers of limoncello out there. This is great if you want to give someone the gift of homemade limoncello. And hey, if you want to get yourself some sweet gifts, go deserve it.

Citrus Juicer

When you make limoncello, you have a lot of lemons left over. It's wasteful to throw them out so I like to juice them, freeze or refrigerate the juice, and compost the rest of the waste.

Do NOT make the mistake of getting a lemon squeezer. Those are fine for cooking because you'll only squeeze one lemon at a time in all likelihood. My wife has lemon squeezers and I recently tried to use one to dispose of my lemons. This was the result:

Broken lemon juicer

Even if you had the hand strength to use this on 17 consecutive lemons, the squeezer isn't up to the task. You need something that removes most of the leverage required to break a lemons back. You need a proper citrus juicer. Here is the one that I'd recommend. It's even brawnier than the first one I bought. 

Limoncello Serving Set

Presentation is a big part of enjoyment. Having a serving set shows that you are a serious limoncello connoisseur, or at least you're willing to pony up to act the part! This particular set has that home-brewed vibe to it which, as you know, I like.

Limoncello Serving Set with Decanter

For those who want to kick it up a notch, how about a serving set with a decanter? Sure, it's expensive, but it's hand-crafted in Italy! A tiny fraction of the price of a Ferrari, which is also hand-crafted in Italy. A bargain if you think about it (but not too hard). 

Limoncello Almonds

These are so good that I can't have them in the house. In other words, they make a perfect gift. Do with that information what you will...

Microplane Zester

As far as I'm concerned, this is the mother of all limoncello tools. It made making lots of batches of limoncello far, far easier and it exposes a lot of the surface area of the zest to the liquor. The Microplane zester also has many uses beyond making limoncello, so it's a super functional addition to your kitchen. 

The Lemon Cookbook

Ever wonder what to do with all those lemons you just zested? Wonder no more. An entire book has been written to answer that very question. Delicious, nutritious and even claimed to aid in weight loss, lemons have many uses. It almost excuses the fact that you can make a delicious liqueur from the exterior...

Secrets of Lemon Rediscovered

Along the same lines, here's another book that covers recipes but goes well beyond -- covering how to use lemons for skin care, hair care, cleaning, etc. You won't be able to make enough limoncello to satisfy your need for lemons if you go all out here.

Laboratory Beaker Wine Glass

No one should wonder why this appeals to me...for those who appreciate precision in their drinking it doesn't get any better than this.

Blackboard Beverage Dispenser

I'm pretty sure I've been too naughty to get this for Christmas, but it's high on my list. Beverage dispensers with blackboards on them. Mine would say "Limoncello" and "Arancello" of course, and they'd guarantee a boozy New Year's party. 

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