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Batch #2 Results


Because it was made with few changes from the first batch, the second turned out similar. Here are the stats on the second batch:

Liquor: Two 750ml bottles of Everclear 151

Liquor filtration: 2x

Lemons: 17 Non-organic, waxed and scrubbed

Days peels and liquor rested: 49

Simple Syrup – Cups Sugar: 4, Cups Water: 5

Days syrup rested with infusion: 44

Final filtration: 4x

As you can see, the only two differences were that the liquor was filtered an extra time and the final mixture rested longer before the final filtration. The result was a batch that was substantially similar in all regards to the first batch except it was slightly smoother. This could be the result of either the longer resting period or the extra filtration of the liquor or both. I’ll have to separate the two in the future to determine what is having the larger impact. Here is the flavor graph from batch #2:

Limoncello Batch #2 Results

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Dane December 1, 2007

I’m on my first trial run of making lemoncello with the lemons from my backyard tree. I didn’t filter the liquor, however. I couldn’t find Everclear (think it’s illegal in CA), so am using 100 proof vodka. What is the benefit of liquor filtration?

admin December 2, 2007

In a word, smoothness. It is impurities in the liquor that produce harshness in the flavor of the finished product. The cheaper the liquor, the more impurities. Actually, I’ll be posting the results of the next batch soon and it was a 50/50 split with the only difference being liquor filtration and you’ll see that it does make a difference.

Anthony December 8, 2007

45 days?

Hardly necessary. With grain alcohol, my estimate is that within 10 days all flavor from the lemon zest is removed. Have you tested this?

I did 10 days and, after removing the grain alcohol, the rinds turned sort of crackly and tasted like alcohol (and not lemon) — my assumption was that the flavor had transitioned out.

Cutting a month out of the process would certainly make this a more attractive recipe.

admin December 8, 2007

After 10 days there is still yellow in my peels, which I use as the gauge for whether the infusion is complete. I should test it though, it would make the recipe more attractive if it works. I wonder if it takes longer with vodka. I have a batch of arancello that is about 10 days old and made with vodka. There is still a lot of color in the zest on that batch.

Brandon January 3, 2008

I suspect that the infusion would take less time with zest than it would with peels, simply because of the zest’s greater surface area. If you really want to use peels and are trying to shorten the infusion time, then I suggest using more lemons.

For my first batch of limoncello, I used peels from 20 lemons and 1L of 160-proof vodka. Simple syrup was 1.5L filtered water with 1.5c sugar. I gave the infusion 22 days, removed peels, added simple syrup, filtered twice, then bottled. A few weeks after bottling, the result is pretty good- although there is a slightly bitter aftertaste. For my next batch I’m planning to zest the lemons for better pith control.

Tony July 4, 2008

I came across your site while I did a search on Google for alcohol stats and your article on Batch #2 Results was informative.

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