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Batch #10: Limoncello with Lemon Juice


So far in my limoncello-making career I’ve made very few batches that would qualify as unmitigated train wrecks. This is just one such batch. I read somewhere on the internet that adding the juice of the lemons to the batch along with the zest creates a nice flavor. I doubted it but like everything else I tried it.

YUCK. I can’t even rate it on the normal scale. It has such an overpowering tartness that it almost can’t be endured. Again, this was a fairly predictable outcome but I wanted to try it and now I have a batch of something, not limoncello, that I’ll have to use as some kind of disinfectant.

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Dain October 23, 2008

Did you put the juice from all the lemons you zested into the infusion? I would think that for a normal batch, putting the juice of more than 1/2 of a single lemon would be disasterous.

Ben October 23, 2008

Ahem…yes I did. And in truth, I knew it wouldn’t work, I just didn’t know how bad it would be. That was the recipe I was given though, all the zest and all the juice of the lemons. The zest has a subtle flavor whereas the juice has a very powerful flavor, I’m not sure it could be used at all.

Thomas September 15, 2017

Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 pgrpo

Stephanie Scarlino February 27, 2019

Making Limoncello with Meyer lemons. Has anyone tried it?

Linda Morris May 24, 2019

Don’t Todd it. Use it to make drinks.

Cheri June 15, 2019

Has anyone tried to use the lemon peels for a second batch of limoncello? I just strained the lemon peels from the alcohol and they still have a lot of color in them. These lemons were from our own tree and are organic.

Tori June 23, 2019

Yes, I have made limoncello with meyer lemons. It turned out very good but not very lemony (is that a word?. i thought I would try to use lemon juice in the simple syrup by substituting half of the water for the juice. H
as anyone done that?

Lynette May 26, 2020

The 1st batch I used I used regular lemons.The flavor was very good with strong lemon flavor.

2nd batch I made I used batch I made I used Meyer lemons.

The Meyer lemons that were given to me tended to be larger so therefore it was much easier to peel
In my opinion The regular lemons were better for the limoncello than meyer lemons.

To me they( regular) had much more lemon flavor and aroma. Probably because the Myers are a hybrid -I believe they have some orange in it.To me, this made it not quite as pungent as a regular really needed to be a little more Lemon Flavored.

I took a small amount of the Meyer
limoncello And added a little juice from a regular tart yellow lemon. it gave me a point of reference . I don’t I think I’m going to add straight lemon juice to the limoncello I made with myer lemons but Next time I think I’m just gonna go with regular lemons.

Lyn May 26, 2020

Hmmm. I haven’t tried that but since I have some Meyer limoncello sitting up right now maybe I can add that

MICHAEL GRIMES November 20, 2021

Did you try adding sugar?

Michael Grimes November 20, 2021

We just picked a batch of Meyer lemons from our backyard tree and are looking for a recipe for the juice. The juice by itself without sugar is drinkable but not totally pleasant. Hopefully, with further investigation, we will get lucky and find the perfect recipe. Next stop, Martha Stewart!

Mary July 1, 2023

I looked here because I’m interested in making a batch of limecello, and trying to introduce a small amount of powdered fresh lime juice into the simple syrup stage.
I don’t want to use fresh lime juice, since organic things do still lose something over time in liqueurs (I’ve never been a fan of brandied fruit. Frankly, it’s disgusting. Just pour my brandy over my ice cream with fresh fruit, please.), but I’m hoping that this sterile freeze-dried juice powder will give me some delicious tartness without producing any off tastes.
We shall see.

David J Mezzanotte November 8, 2023

That’s because you are supposed to put the lemon juice (optional) in with the sugar water mixture so that it essentially like an extremely sweet lemonade slurry. I make several batches every year for holidays and it comes out tasting deliciouso!

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