Caravella Limoncello Review

The color has a very greenish hue, almost as though it has as much lime as lemon in it. It also has a very Pledge-like scent. The flavor has a nice wallop of lemon and a kick of heat that is nicely balanced, not overpowering. This is a nice trick because Caravella is the second strongest limoncello I reviewed at 32% (64 proof).

A pleasant candy or gumdrop character rounds out the flavor. However, there are lots of off flavors as well. It tastes like they didn’t do a good job of filtering the liquor before infusion. The result is a limoncello that could have been good but ends up not tasting much like limoncello should.

caravella Caravella Limoncello Review

Caravella Limoncello

caravella limoncello review graph Caravella Limoncello Review

Caravella Limoncello Review Graph